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Title: Reflection
Pairing: Dom/Charlie
Rating: Hard R
Summary: *points at pairing*
Disclaimer: fiction!
Author's Note: baby's first drabble. for runonmoonlight who is still highly amused by the old name for domstrokeybeard. i accidentally put a community for charlie/dom rather than charlie and dom. ahh... my innocence... where have yee gone.

Dom leaned further back as he watched Charlie stroke his cock firmly.


He watched the strong hands as they moved up and down hearing gasps and groans echo through the room.

Dom felt his climax building deep within himself as he watched fingers with dingy nails caress his sack, before giving it a gentle squeeze. Charlie upped the intensity of the hand job.

Dom’s eyes never left the mirror as he tumbled over the edge of orgasmic release. He was soon startled back to reality by a pounding knock, followed by:

“Mr. Monaghan, they’re ready for you on set!”

x-posted to my lj surreality_fan
Tags: charlie/dom, dom/charlie, fic, moon, slash
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