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ok fellow dom strokey bearders. i have a request to make of the members of this oh so quiet little community. i am requesting pic spam. lots of pic spam. my computer crashed earlier this month and i lost every pic i had on my computer. in addition i am currently working on dial up and therefore cannot download right now to get my stockpile of domous goodness back. i love the strokeybeard but i am willing to accept any and all pics. dom alone, with friends, being silly, being the dom equivalant of normal. see if you post them all here or post links to other posts with stockpiles of dom pics then once i have high speed internet again i can download my favorites and the rest shall be put in the memories of this comm for easy reference in the future. you can start now, but i guess i shall declare sept. to be offical pic spam month for dom strokey beard.

please put pics under a cut seeing as how like i said dialup. lol but once i get the high speed back up i shall greatly apperciate the spamy goodness.

much love to you all and thanks in advance.

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