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oh where, oh where...

has my strokey beard gone...

oh where, oh where could it beeeeeee...

Dom comes baaaaack from the LOST island...

with no strokey beard for meeeeeee...

err... ussssss...


still sexy. hee!

went to see Kimmel being shot/recorded...

hee! good fun... before the show started i got up and danced with Jimmy's Uncle Frank... for this i got tickets to a comedy club... a Kimmel Keychain and a "Monk" moist towlette... first and foremost... Dom was wearing a Beatles shirt... which of course he showed off when he got on stage... BEATLES! BEATLES! BEATLES! (sorry had to get that out of my system.) there was LOST talk where Dom referred to the monster as he... hmm... whoops or not it was funny... and he said he doesn't know all of what happens in the finale because there were pages missing from his script and he didn't want to know what happens... he wants to be surprise by the finale... how cute... then they were talking about LOTRs fans... and Dom said they were shy and would come up to him and stand close and not say anything and everyone gets unconfortable... and then Jimmy said at least they're shy I get drunk guys walking up kissing me... and Dom said there's nothing wrong with guys kissing... and Jimmy said do you still talk to the other hobbits... and Dom said oh Billy's backstage... lmfao! sorry plays the gay joke and immediately mentions Billy... hehehehehe... ok i'm better you would think but noooooo.... then later the vogue dancing supermodel walking coach gay guy, named Willie Ninja (love that fucking stage name) said Dom looks like a "Butch Queen" and said to vogue you have to dance effiminate... and Dom said I can do that. Willie Ninja also got Dom into a giggle fit that inspired me and the girl next to me... princeselealyan who also posts on the fuselage as Siesta, to go into a giggle fit as well, and we had to force ourselves to quiet down after the production team looked at us and hand signaled. i posted about this part on the fuselage to which kerry from cali replied... "hee. can dress you up, but can't take you any where. *snicker* i still have an hour before it comes on here. where is that show taped? glad you got to have such a good time!" hee! it was great fun... i am going to try to go to Kimmel again when Foxy is on later this month. (i would like to go for Malcolm next week but i HAVE to get my Philly apt taken care of soon... lol) oh and this site here has download of Dom on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel Live from today.

love to you all everybody... i will get posts up from D:LA and the Ocean County Film Festival up soon... sorry to be going out of order... but i have picts from the two of those that i need to upload first. hee!


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