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Friday, June 9th, 2006
6:21 am
lost_hate Spread your hate at:

lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate lost_hate

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Friday, April 14th, 2006
12:08 pm

hey all .. long time no post LOL
just a heads up that they updated the Shooting Livien site 
there's a trailer up, and you can preorder the dvd (released in May)  
looks intense.. not much of Dom but he's there, just gotta look LOL


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Monday, March 6th, 2006
7:44 pm - because this comm has been neglected...


is anyone else still here?

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
3:29 pm - i had to share this with as many people as possible

as posted on the fuselage dot com:

surr says:
(Thu Dec 22 23:17:24 2005 [Edit/Delete]

time for a surr thought:

has anyone else noticed that Dom went from playing a character who's life revolved around beer, weed and mushrooms to a character that is a heroin addict?

quite the progression, no?

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Thursday, September 29th, 2005
9:33 am - Reflection

Title: Reflection
Pairing: Dom/Charlie
Rating: Hard R
Summary: *points at pairing*
Disclaimer: fiction!
Author's Note: baby's first drabble. for runonmoonlight who is still highly amused by the old name for domstrokeybeard. i accidentally put a community for charlie/dom rather than charlie and dom. ahh... my innocence... where have yee gone.

slash... don't read if you don't like, or you know if you are too young and stuff.Collapse )

x-posted to my lj surreality_fan

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
2:08 am - HELP!

ok fellow dom strokey bearders. i have a request to make of the members of this oh so quiet little community. i am requesting pic spam. lots of pic spam. my computer crashed earlier this month and i lost every pic i had on my computer. in addition i am currently working on dial up and therefore cannot download right now to get my stockpile of domous goodness back. i love the strokeybeard but i am willing to accept any and all pics. dom alone, with friends, being silly, being the dom equivalant of normal. see if you post them all here or post links to other posts with stockpiles of dom pics then once i have high speed internet again i can download my favorites and the rest shall be put in the memories of this comm for easy reference in the future. you can start now, but i guess i shall declare sept. to be offical pic spam month for dom strokey beard.

please put pics under a cut seeing as how like i said dialup. lol but once i get the high speed back up i shall greatly apperciate the spamy goodness.

much love to you all and thanks in advance.


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Thursday, May 19th, 2005
1:38 am - omg - it's my BIRTHDAY!

so....any of you clever people out there want to make me some shiny new icons as presents? you know my interests - Orlando, Kiefer, Adam Storke, cartoons, LOST (esp. Sawyer, Hurley & Sayid), Python....if you know me well, you should be able to some up with SOMETHIN! lol

Can't wait to "open" presents!



current mood: ecstatic

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Saturday, April 30th, 2005
1:33 am - oh where, oh where...

has my strokey beard gone...

oh where, oh where could it beeeeeee...

Dom comes baaaaack from the LOST island...

with no strokey beard for meeeeeee...

err... ussssss...


still sexy. hee!

went to see Kimmel being shot/recorded...

hee! good fun... before the show started i got up and danced with Jimmy's Uncle Frank... for this i got tickets to a comedy club... a Kimmel Keychain and a "Monk" moist towlette... first and foremost... Dom was wearing a Beatles shirt... which of course he showed off when he got on stage... BEATLES! BEATLES! BEATLES! (sorry had to get that out of my system.) there was LOST talk where Dom referred to the monster as he... hmm... whoops or not it was funny... and he said he doesn't know all of what happens in the finale because there were pages missing from his script and he didn't want to know what happens... he wants to be surprise by the finale... how cute... then they were talking about LOTRs fans... and Dom said they were shy and would come up to him and stand close and not say anything and everyone gets unconfortable... and then Jimmy said at least they're shy I get drunk guys walking up kissing me... and Dom said there's nothing wrong with guys kissing... and Jimmy said do you still talk to the other hobbits... and Dom said oh Billy's backstage... lmfao! sorry plays the gay joke and immediately mentions Billy... hehehehehe... ok i'm better you would think but noooooo.... then later the vogue dancing supermodel walking coach gay guy, named Willie Ninja (love that fucking stage name) said Dom looks like a "Butch Queen" and said to vogue you have to dance effiminate... and Dom said I can do that. Willie Ninja also got Dom into a giggle fit that inspired me and the girl next to me... princeselealyan who also posts on the fuselage as Siesta, to go into a giggle fit as well, and we had to force ourselves to quiet down after the production team looked at us and hand signaled. i posted about this part on the fuselage to which kerry from cali replied... "hee. can dress you up, but can't take you any where. *snicker* i still have an hour before it comes on here. where is that show taped? glad you got to have such a good time!" hee! it was great fun... i am going to try to go to Kimmel again when Foxy is on later this month. (i would like to go for Malcolm next week but i HAVE to get my Philly apt taken care of soon... lol) oh and this site here has download of Dom on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel Live from today.

love to you all everybody... i will get posts up from D:LA and the Ocean County Film Festival up soon... sorry to be going out of order... but i have picts from the two of those that i need to upload first. hee!


cross posted to... domstrokeybeard, surreality_fan

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Thursday, April 28th, 2005
10:03 am - WTF?

um....what the FRELL?????

tinalikesstuff is gone? What happened? I LOVED the pics n such! GAH!

thanks to Surr for pointing this out at like 3am last night...still not there...gah!

NURWEGEN? was that the person's name?

If anyone has CLUE as to WHY the community is "deleted" please let me know....



current mood: & zombielike from no sleep!

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
11:16 am - gross personal stuff and fun dom stuff

ok this is a perfect example of why i am having such a hell of a time getting on the road. i went to get my duffle bag to put some clothes from the dryer in it before i leave. and well when i pick it up as i am about to start putting clothes in it i discover, much to my overwhelming dismay, that there is a severely wrotten banana in the botton of the bag, that has disenergrated to the point that it is pure liquidy slime. the bag is a totaly lost cause and currently on it's way to the dumpster.

the rotten banana did however lead me to a discovery. i decided to warch the behind the scenes of An Insomniac's Nightmare to cheer myself up a bit, when i remembered that the DVD was still in my laptop. dom wore the shirt from the "twilight zone" scene of An Insomniac's Nightmare to Paley. although i think that the Paley shirt might be a replacement for the AIN shirt. cuz the Paley shirt looks brighter. same pattern though. ...........weird.

cross posted to my journal surreality_fan

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Friday, February 18th, 2005
1:27 pm
gczel sexy dom picturesCollapse )

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
12:48 pm - Dom appreciation

Just because I'm bored.. and he's hot. LOL

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Friday, February 11th, 2005

ETA: Alright - Charlie Pace Videos. I know they've not been working (it's cuz y'all used up the bandwidth too quickly) so if you haven't had a chance to get both versions of the video, go here and you'll be able t'do so.


and thanks for your patience!

A whole song just for him! *gaspshockanhorror*
And I challenge you. Don't just watch it. Too many people just watch film and video and don't take anything out of it. When you watch these, listen to the words, feel the music, and think about Charlie's character. That... and - enjoy!
Click Here For the Original
Click Here for the Alternative Ending (AND WATCH IT! - Don't skip to the end =P )

cross posted - eh... many many places
ETA: LINKS ARE FIXED (stupid bandwidth)

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Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
6:00 pm - charlie centric in 2 hours!

are you ready to have your heart ripped out tonight? 'tis a charlie centric episode with drama, death, and our boy is going to do something "shocking!" i can hardly contain my enthusiasm! but i have to run to the store now... i need supplies for tonights torment!

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Thursday, January 27th, 2005
5:21 pm - courtesy of SURR!


Excellent Article on Lost-Media about Dominic!

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Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
5:08 am - David St. Hubbins

Dominic Monaghan posted tonight or rather this morning for my time zone. For all of the fangirls and fanboys who missed it, here is a transcript of the conversation that occurred on the Linear Board of the Fuselage.

(fyi: read from bottom up for it to make sense)

The transcript of Mr. St. HubbinsCollapse )

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Friday, December 31st, 2004
4:59 pm - wOOt!


My DVD of Insomniac's Nightmare came!!! Today. It appeared in the mailbox when I was away playing games with a toddler. Did you all know that Santa Claus is coming again tommorrow? I didn't. That child must have some sources I know not of.


stuff about me going *weeee* good movie *thump*. under the cutCollapse )

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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
7:27 pm - wOOt!

My copy of An Insomniac's Nightmare shipped today! It is coming from North Carolina and with the holiday on Saturday it probably won't get here until Monday or so but I cannot wait! squeeeeeee!

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
12:29 am

anyone seen this? cuz I have no idea when it will be around here..hopefully soon. Shooting Livien is an Independant film and we don't have mahy outlets for those 'round here. so has anyone else seen it?

not much info on Dom's character.. just that he plays Owen in Shooting LivienCollapse )

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Sunday, December 26th, 2004
10:53 am

Happy Holidays everyone, and I would just like to say that my christmas was filled with new lord of the rings things to squeal over, as well as a really amazing NC-17 dream about Dom. that took place in wal-mart. and involved him being on the cover of porno magazines. and my mom found them. and then we had sex. dom and i, not my mom and i. the end!

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