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gross personal stuff and fun dom stuff

ok this is a perfect example of why i am having such a hell of a time getting on the road. i went to get my duffle bag to put some clothes from the dryer in it before i leave. and well when i pick it up as i am about to start putting clothes in it i discover, much to my overwhelming dismay, that there is a severely wrotten banana in the botton of the bag, that has disenergrated to the point that it is pure liquidy slime. the bag is a totaly lost cause and currently on it's way to the dumpster.

the rotten banana did however lead me to a discovery. i decided to warch the behind the scenes of An Insomniac's Nightmare to cheer myself up a bit, when i remembered that the DVD was still in my laptop. dom wore the shirt from the "twilight zone" scene of An Insomniac's Nightmare to Paley. although i think that the Paley shirt might be a replacement for the AIN shirt. cuz the Paley shirt looks brighter. same pattern though. ...........weird.

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